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Newton Dems Storm Washington to Fight Climate Change

Notes written by Martin Heyman who, with his wife Susan and friend Gary Rucinski, participated in the Citizens Climate Lobby in Washington, DC on June 20th:

900 citizen lobbyists in DC

Susan and I have just returned from Washington, DC. where we participated, with Gary Rucinski, at the 4 day International Citizens Climate Lobby Conference and annual action on Capitol Hill. 900 volunteers from all over America, Canada, and Europe visited 535 U.S. Senators and Congresspeople or their staff to 1) press upon them the urgent need for direct action to curb CO2 emissions; 2)extend their reach and propose alliances across the aisle; and 3) help the country survive climate disaster by supporting  proposed
legislation to impose a fully refundable carbon fee on all fossil fuels manufactured in or imported into the country.

We learned from environmental authorities such as James Hanson, Professor and director of the Earth Science Institute at Columbia University; and Katherine Hayhoe, PHD in Atmospheric Sciences (Univ. of Ill.) and Director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University that the time for alarm is past; that all ecosystems- draught, storms, glacial melt, ocean life, food supplies are in danger; and that we must have substantial world resolve to curb CO2 emissions completed at the World Conference in Paris in December. The good news according to the experts is that the number of climate change deniers is getting lower. The facts are clear, more data will not help, and it is our obligation now to change the politics.

We met individually with the entire Massachusetts Congressional and Senatorial delegation or their staff. We also met with staffs for congressmen and senators from other states. The responses from all democrats were generally favorable (the republicans were generally negative, but polite), some dramatically enthusiastic, others would sign a bill if presented. Everyone agreed that the bill should be sponsored (or at least endorsed) by a Republican. We will follow up with the staff as a strategy develops.

Finally, it was agreed that a large and active presence in New Hampshire during the presidential primaries will be effective in encouraging the Republicans to debate climate change and establish their positions. It could help bring election of more climate sensitive members to congress.


Invite from Congressman Kennedy: Campaign for Clinton in NH on Saturday

Please join Congressman Kennedy and our Presidential Travel Team to New Hampshire this Saturday, June 27th!

Our team will be supporting the Clinton campaign's grassroots efforts by participating in the Nashua, NH Canvass Kick-off and joining the Congressman in canvassing the neighborhoods of Nashua.
TRIP DETAILS : Travel time to Nashua,NH 1HR.
  • Meet in Newtonville at 8:30AM for Team CHECK-IN: 
    *Meet site is at the Parking Lot on Austin Street, across from the Star Market (Starbucks on Austin Street located right there)

  • Depart to Newtonville @ 8:45AM and Arrive at 9:45AM in Nashua
    HRC Nashua Office

    97 Main St. Nashua, NH

  • Nashua Kick-off begins at 10AM, and we'll head out to turf as a team with Congressman Kennedy, finishing by 2pm.

  • If you will be driving DIRECTLY to Nashua to join Team Kennedy, please let me know and you MUST be at team check-in by 9:45AM in Nashua.
RSVP INFO: Email me at to RSVP and for additional information.

Invitation from Ward 8 Dem Frank Wolpe

“The Committee to Elect Frank Wolpe for Ward 8 Alderman at Large”
Announces his Campaign Launch with a City-Wide Listening Tour
(Beginning with this first event on Tuesday, June 23rd)

Having submitted many more than the number of (now certified) signatures needed to be on the ballot this Fall, he will make a listening tour to connect directly with voters in the City.  The campaign calls it “Meet Frank.”

His goal will be to hear ever voter’s thoughts on important issues since “at large” Aldermen serve the entire City and are eligible to receive votes from across the City.

Since he also wants to be your “advocate at large” in City Hall, he looks forward to hearing your concerns  and answering your questions about his priorities as a candidate for this citywide office.  If elected, he intends to continue this same listening practice.

All are most welcome to attend this, first in a series of such events.  This one will be at Panera Bread Company in Newton Centre on Tuesday, June 23rd, from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. Frank will be in the back by the fireplace waiting for all interested persons to connect with him. Get Directions


Invitation from State Representative Ruth Balser: Hillary for President House Party

Representative Balser invites all to attend a "House party for Hillary" at her home this Saturday, June 13, 4pm - 5:30pm.  at 36 Audubon Drive, Newton, 02467. This event is scheduled to run simultaneously with house parties for Hillary all over the country, as we will all watch Hillary make an important policy speech related to her campaign. The house party will be an opportunity for Hillary supporters to gather together and hear the speech, and become involved with the campaign.  

National Report from Priscilla Leith, former NDCC chair

These days it seems like all of the Republican Senators are running for President! Priscilla has all the details on the nation's highest deliberative chamber. Click here to see her report on US Senate races around the nation and here for US Congress.


Invitation from Ward 2 Dem David Backer: environmental science program for teenage students

David invites all to consider the information below and contact him if there are young people you know who would like to be involved with this program. 

The Environmental Science Program still has openings for campers this summer!

"Envi Sci" is a unique month-long outdoor program for teenagers that gives students the chance to have fun enjoying the wilderness while learning about the science of the environment. Highlights include hikes to Blue Hills and Mount Monadnock, bicycle trips, a 12-mile canoe trip on the Charles River, an expedition through the salt marshes of the North shore, and an exhilarating three-day backpacking trip up Mount Washington.

Students learn about the environment through science workshops the leaders design, such as geology, botany, ecology, water cycle, pollution issues, and conservation.

Register or get more information at

Contact: David S. Backer, Executive Director
Environmental Science Program of Newton
P.O. Box 600292 Newton, MA 02460


NDCC General Meeting Agenda: June 4, 2015, 7:30 to 9:00 pm, 72 Columbus Street, Newton Highlands

Thursday, June 4, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Women’s Club, 72 Columbus Street, Newton Highlands MA

Call of the roll/Sign in (7:30)

Approval of minutes of the previous meeting (7:35 pm)

Reports of officers, ward and standing committees (7:40 pm)

  • Treasurer’s report

  • State and Ward Committee reports

  • Report by State Senator Michael Barrett of Lexington about proposed carbon tax legislation with Q&A


Recognition of new ward committee members (8:10 pm)

Unfinished business (none)

New business (8:10 pm

  • Resolution to support Carbon Tax Initiative

  • We, the Newton Democratic City Committee, urge the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to pass legislation that fights global warming by placing charges on the carbon content of fossil fuels and returns the money to residents and employers.  Specifically, we commend State Sen. Mike Barrett (D-Lexington) for drafting and submitting, “An Act combating climate change.”  We strongly encourage our State Senators and Representatives, and our Governor, to make carbon pricing the law of our state

Closure of official business (8:15 pm)

*** Caucus training 8:15 to 9:00 pm ***

Next general meeting:

  • Thursday, September 10, 2015, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm, 72 Columbus St. Newton



National Update on the Senate from Priscilla Leith, former NDCC Chair

As the landscape shifts, Priscilla is on the case! Please see her report here on the state of the Senate including candidates, challengers and the lay of the political landscape. 


2015 Caucus: Q&A and why you should attend!

We are thrilled that Attorney General Maura Healey will kick off the Caucus!

At 3:00 pm on Sunday, June 7 at Newton South High School, Newton Democrats - meaning any person who lives in Newton and is registered to vote here as a Democrat - will caucus to elect delegates to the 2015 State Democratic Convention on September 19 in Springfield.

The caucus is a fun event involving Dems from all across the city, scores of candidates for statewide office, local elected officials and most of all and appeals for support from all corners from people who apsire to represent you in State Government. 

The NDCC encourages all registered Democrats to participate as voters, candidates for delegate or just curious onlookers. This Q&A will give you more information about how and why you can be involved.

What is a caucus?

Basically, it's a political gathering where something is decided by a vote of eligible participants.

What is the purpose of THIS caucus?

The purpose is to elect Democratic delegates to the 2015 Democratic State Convention. 

What do delegates do at the State Convention?

During campaign years, they decide who gets on the Democratic primary ballot, and who doesn't. They vote to place candidates for statewide office on the primary ballot. During non-campaign years, delegates speak out on issues and participate in great trainings. In all cases, there are always lots of great political speaches by inspiring leaders and fun networking with Democratic friends.

What happens at the caucus - how are delegates elected?

Voting at the caucus takes place by anonymous, paper ballot. Candidates are nominated and seconded. Each ward has a specific number of delegate spots and each attendee may cast that specific number of votes. So for example, if a ward has five slots for men, then a caucus voter may vote for five men. If there are five or fewer candidates who are men, then everyone gets elected. If there are more, then the top five vote getters get elected. Same for women - there are equal numbers of slots for men and women.

I'm interested in running but never have before - am I eligibe to run?

If you are registered to vote in Newton as a Democrat by January 31, 2015, yes!

Also, do I have a chance of getting elected?

Absolutely. Many voters at the caucus are open to being inspired by and voting for a candidate for delegate be it a veteran or a first-timer. This is particularly true during non campaign year conventions. If you're interested in running, you should run! Bring friends (who are Dems) and don't be afraid to ask people at the caucus for help. You'll likely be welcomed and fed lots of information by dedicated activists who love to talk politics. 

How many delegate slots are there?

Each of Newton's 8 wards is allocated a certain number of slots. It varies slightly from ward to ward, but basically there are about 8 to 10 slots in each ward split 50/50 between men and women.

When is the convention? Do I have to be able to go to the convention to participate?

Saturday, September 19, 2015 in Springfield. If you are running for delegate, yes, you should be able to go to the convention. That's the whole point of being a delegate! But if you want to attend the caucus just to watch, or to vote, then no you don't need to be able to attend the convention. 

I can't make the caucus in person. Can I still vote or run for delegate?

Yes, absentee candidates are allowed during non campaign years. You must submit a request in writing to the Ward Committee Chair for your ward. Candidates who are there in person have preference. If there are not enough in-person candidates to fill all the slots, then absentee candidates may be considered.

I have other questions - who should I contact?

Contact Shawn Fitzgibbons at (617) 997-2577 or


Invite from Ward 2 Dem Ellie Goldberg

Ward 2 Dem Ellie Goldberg invites all to the following film screening:
Wednesday, April 22 at 7pm. Please join Green Decade Newton at the Newton Free Library for “The Power of One Voice.”​(Watch the ​film trailer​)​  Ellie Goldberg will lead a Q & A after the film.  
More Info: 

We tolerate cancer-causing agents in our environment at our peril…For those in whom cancer is already a hidden or a visible presence, efforts to find cures must of course continue.  But for those not yet touched by the disease and certainly for the generation as yet unborn, prevention is the imperative need.” – Rachel Carson, Silent Spring



National Report from Priscilla Leith, former NDCC chair

The US Senate picture continues to evolve - you can find all the details here. And for the US House, please click here!


Secretary of the Commonwealth Bill Galvin to visit Newton

Please join us as we welcome Bill Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to Newton on Tuesday, May 12 at 7:30 pm. He will speak about recent updates to election law in Massachusetts that improves access to the polls, and how Democrats can respond to Republican Governor Charlie Baker's efforts to defund the Elections Division. All are welcome. Location to be announced!


National Report from Priscilla Leith, former NDCC chair

If you are looking to get a handle on upcoming Senate and House races for 2016, look no further! Priscilla has the landscape mapped out ... click here for the Senate and here for the House.


Sen. Bernie Sanders on issues near and dear to so many Dems

Click to watch:


National Report from Priscilla Leith, former NDCC chair

While campaign season is mostly quiet, there are some things on the horizon. Click here for an initial list on an Excel spreadsheet of the U.S. Senate races coming in 2016.  

     Major news so far is that Sen Barbara Mikulski  (D-MD) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) are not running for re-election.  

     Also, lots of speculation that fmr Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin is going to run against incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson.  And Atty Gen Kamala Harris of CA is running for the Dem nomination there, supposedly with lots of support.

~ Priscilla