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Oct 23: Ward 6 Forum on Ballot Questions

On Thursday, October 23rd, Ward 6 in Newton will present eight speakers, two for each ballot question:  one for and one against.  Each will speak for six minutes.  At the end, the audience will question the speakers.

When:  October 23rd7:00 to 9:00

Where:  Women’s Workshop, 72 Columbus St. Newton, Maq

Contact:  Barbara John, 617 965 for more information 

Frank Wolpe has kindly agreed to be the moderator.

The four questions and the speakers are:

Question 1:  Should we repeal the automatic yearly increase on the gas tax?

Speakers:     Pro:  Stephen W. Aylward from Tank the Gas Tax 

Anti:  Lizzi Weyant from the Committee for Safer Roads and Bridges.

Question 2:   Should we expand the beverage container deposit law to include the containers of more drinks such as water.

 Pro:  James Purdy from the Green Decade

Con:  No one.  They send a statement to be read             

Question 3:  Should casinos be prohibited in Massachusetts?

Pro casinos:  Charlie Stefanini a lawyer who has a lobbied for Suffolk Downs

  Anti casinos:  Tom Larkin, Director of anti casino group USS-MASS

Question 4:   Should employees earn and use sick time in most businesses in which they work?

Pro:        Bill O’Neill, Regional Field Director for Yes on 4

Against:  Bill Vernon, MA Director of the National Federation of Independent Businesseas


Invite from Ward 2 Dem Catherine Willinger: Attend Yes on 3 Event with Don Berwick



Great read, relevant for Election Day

Ward 8 Dem Frank Wolpe shares an important progressive article.... about ongoing efforts by Republicans to supress the votes of minorities and the poor. Read it here, get mad and volunteer!

It does seem a bit ridiculous, doesn't it? That we still have to fight for voting rights, fight against laws that seek to suppress the vote, laws that will have a disproportionate impact on those Americans who—had they been of voting age before 1965—would likely have been barred because of their race? Ridiculous is one word for it.Infuriating is another. These tactics violate everything for which our country is supposed to stand. As President Obama put it, "The idea that you’d purposely try to prevent people from voting? un-American."

Republican-dominated states from Arkansas to North Carolina, from Texas to Ohio to Wisconsin have implemented various restrictions on voting that have been wending their way through the courts this fall. Just last week, the U.S.Supreme Courtallowed North Carolina's law to stand—one that might well be the nation's most awful, although the court did, thankfully, put a temporary hold on Wisconsin's law—for this election cycle only—while it considers whether to take the case.


10/20: Coakley-Kerrigan 'Raiser in Newton


Oct. 16: Healey 'Raiser in Newton


10/21: 'Raiser for Deb Goldberg for Treasurer


Newton Coordinated Phone and Walk Schedule Announced

Please sign up to help - we need to reach out to as many voters as possible about Coakley, Kerrigan and the Democratic ticket.

  • Newton Makes Calls for Coakley & the Coordinated Campaign
    October 9th, 2014, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    30 Chase St, Newton Center
    Click here to sign up

  • Newton Knocks on Doors for Martha Coakley & Coordinated Campaign
    October 11th, 2014, 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    Coordinated office, 360 Watertown Street, Newton
    Click here to sign up

  • Newton Knocks Doors for Martha Coakley & Coordinated Campaign
    October 12th, 2014, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    Coordinated office, 360 Watertown Street, Newton
    Click here to sign up

  • Newton Hubdials Sunday for Coakley Coordinated Campaign
    October 12th, 2014, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    30 Chase St, Newton Center
    Click here to sign up

  • Newton Hubdials Monday for Coakley Coordinated Campaign
    October 13th, 2014, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    30 Chase St Newton Center
    Click here to sign up

  • Newton Makes Calls for Martha Coakley & the Coordinated Campaign
    October 16th, 2014, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    Coordinated office, 360 Watertown Street, Newton
    Click here to sign up

  • Newton Hubdials Monday for Coakley Coordinated Campaign
    October 20th, 2014, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    30 Chase Street, Newton Centre
    Click here to sign up
  • Newton Hubdials Monday for Coakley Coordinated Campaign
    October 27th, 2014, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    30 Chase Street, Newton Centre
    Click here to sign up

15 Minutes of Fame: Ward 6 Member Hannah Banks has an hour-long dinner with the President

Hannah Banks, all star activist, entered one of those "donate to win a chance for dinner with Obama" fundraising pitches a few months ago. She gave $25 ... didn't think much of it ... until the invite came.

Last week, Hannah, her husband and one other couple had dinner with Obama for an hour in Washington, DC! Way to go Hannah. A well deserved honor for a great activist. 

Read the Boston Magazine article here.


National Report - getting close to Election Day

A message from Priscilla below, and data here on the Senate, here on the House and here for off-year special elections! Thanks Priscilla for keeping an eye on the national scene.

     I'm looking at the Sept 29, 2014 Cook Political Report. 
 Cook's projections
Solid Dem: Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode Island.  Likely Dem: Minnesota, Oregon, Virginia.
Leaning Dem: New Hampshire

Toss Up: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky

Lean Republican  None
Likely Republican: South Dakota, West Virginia, Mississippi
Solid Republican: Montana, Alabama, Idaho, Maine, Nebraska, Oklahoma (2 seats), South Carolina (2 seats), Tennessee, Texas, Wyoming.

     My own projections, from past information & most recent candidate financial reportto FEC
Seats Dems will losecurrently held by Democrats: South Dakota, West Virginia, Montana.  We really goofed on the choices made in Montana from the Primary candidate Dem leaders backed apparently  without adequately screening his past or his lousy appeal to voters in that state.  The current substitute candidate is weak, almost completely unknown, and has raised no money as of FEC records available on the internet.

Toss Up's: Georgia, Kentucky, Kansas, Michigan

Leaning or Certain Democrat: All those in Cook Report as "Solid Democrat" or "Likely Democrat", plus Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina.
     The maneuvering and manipulation of Kansas candidates in the past few weeks are very interesting!  I believe lots of money is and will be steered into the campaign funds of the Independent candidate there, resulting in his caucusing with the Democrats if he is elected.  It's similar to what went on in Maine a few years ago.  That may be the seat needed to keep a Democratic majority in the US Senate.
  Judging from the recent report on a meeting at the Capital Grill in Boston called to ask Mass. incumbent Members of Congress and Senators to contribute from their own campaign coffers to the DNC and thence to candidates needing help, all of the candidates' campaign accounts shown on my report will now be tapped as needed to supplement candidates needing cash before the Nov 4th election. 



Ward 3 Dems meeting

Hello Ward 3 Dems!

Our next committee meeting will take place on October 9, 7:30 p.m., at the home of Audrey Cooper, 114 Berkeley Street. Come meet our new alderman, Barbara Brousal-Glaser.


Ward 4 Dems Meeting


Opportunity to volunteer for Jeanne Shaheen for Senate in NH

Invitation from the Boston Ward 5 Dems - help defeat Scott Brown again!

SHAHEEN EXPRESS:  The Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee is hosting a bus trip on Saturday, 10/18/14, to Manchester NH to support Senator Jeanne Shaheen.  As you know, Senator Shaheen is being challenged by Scott Brown.  We will be canvassing targeted voters in the Manchester area.  If you are unable to canvass, there will be phone banking and other support tasks with which the campaign can use your help.
WHEN/WHERE:  The bus will depart from Cheers (84 Beacon St) at 9AM sharp and will arrive back in Boston at approximately 5:30PM.  
FREE EVENT:  The chartered bus is being provided compliments of the Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee. 
SHAHEEN CAMPAIGN:  We will be providing background information on the campaign to those on the bus, and we will receive a briefing from the campaign upon arrival in NH.
BRING:  Please pack a lunch and some snacks.
RAIN OR SHINE: The bus trip will take place rain or shine.  Election day is too close to have a rain date!  
JOIN US:  We hope that you will join us on the Shaheen Express on 10/18/14.  Good company and all-around good cheer are guaranteed.
CONTACT:  Kathherine Judge, member of Boston Ward 5 Dems.

Invite from Ward 8 Dem Lena Saradnik - help out west!


National Update from former NDCC Chair Priscilla Leith

A message with predictions from Priscilla about the US Senate! Click here for the data.

   I'm looking over the US Senate races, since I saw something in the Globe the other day about the Dem Senatorial Campaign now eying the seat in Kansas occupied by Sen. Pat Roberts.  Well... the official Democratic candidate nominated earlier by the party is now off the ballot, and only the independent candidate remains, for a choice between Roberts and the independent on Nov 4, 2014

     Predictions (based 90% on the financial reports): Dems will lose Senate races in Michigan, Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia  - 4 currently held by Democrats.
     Dems may win in Georgia (Nunn vs. Perdue).
     Toss up's at present: Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky and Texas. 
In the latter, Sen. Cornyn appears to be vulnerable in the race for $'s.





Welcome 2014 Fall NDCC Interns!

The NDCC is proud to announce four interns who will join our work during the fall, 2014 campaign season.

Welcome to:

  • Victoria Rossi (Lasell College)·        
  • Dennis McCormack (Lasell College)        
  • Emily Murphy (returning intern, BC)
  • Peter Laboy (returning intern, BC)