We Need Your Help on July 28


New location: Union Street Bar and Grill, Union Street in Newton Centre
7:00 to 8:30 pm, Tuesday, July 28 (Same time as before)
The more we can do now - in between elections - the stronger we'll be when we're needed most: Newton Democrats are in a strong position to help build the Mass Dem's financial reserves for future elections. They use funds raised to run amazing grassroots campaigns across the state - we're not talking about Koch Brothers money - we need small donations so we can have headquarters, organizers, literature during key election years. 

Can you sign up for our 'roots raiser on July 28? 
The July 28: Newton Dems Happy Hour and 'Roots Raiser is brought to you by NDCC officers Shawn Fitzgibbons, Sharon Stout, Holly Ryan, Robert Fitzpatrick, Bill Sage, Carol Fulton and Joan McGrath - get your ticket today!:Also, this is a (grass)roots 'raiser ... ALL are welcome regardless of ability to donate. 

You're Invited: Mass Dems Leadership Summit

This Summit is specifically tailored to provide local democratic activists, party chairs and town committee members with the training, best practices and tools they need to strengthen and grow local party organizations statewide.

Massachusetts Democratic Leadership Summit

Saturday, July 11, 2015
SEIU 509
100 Talcott Ave, Watertown, MA
with a 1965 Project Voter Registration Event to follow
Lunch will be provided

Topics Include:

  • Strengthening local democratic committees
  • Digital Communication and Social Media
  • Fundraising and OCPF
  • VoteBuilder
  • And more!

The day will also include a keynote with a Special Guest Speaker to be announced, and regional gatherings for applying the knowledge of the day.

Please help us spread the word about this event by inviting friends, fellow committee members, democratic volunteers, and anyone else who might be interested!

RSVP here:


Our Amazing President


Save the Date: Newton Dems 2015 Summer Happy Hour and Roots 'Raiser

Each year the Newton Dems host a great summer party - and help raise funds for Democratic activism in Newton and beyond. This year's summer Happy Hour and Roots Raiser with Mass Dems Party Chair Tom McGee will be held on Tuesday, July 28 at 7:00 pm at Terry O'Reilly's in Newton Centre. Click here for tickets!



Newton Democrats call for a price on carbon

The Newton Democratic City Committee has endorsed a ground-breaking proposal to tackle climate change. State Senator Mike Barrett, D-Lexington, has submitted a bill that places a charge on dirty fuel emissions that contribute to global warming and then returns the money -- in direct rebates -- to residents, businesses, and non-profits.

“Right before our eyes, in our own time, we’re seeing extreme temperatures, rising oceans, wilder storms, and worsening droughts,” Barrett said.  “A statewide carbon fee is the most ambitious step state government can take to combat the problem.  This is like gay marriage, and like health care for all, in that Massachusetts can lead the way on an approach other states -- and eventually the entire country -- can adopt.”

“We’re grateful that our representatives in the Legislature including Senator Cindy Creem and Representatives Ruth Balser and Kay Khan are co-sponsoring this critical initiative which our many members overwhelmingly support,” said NDCC Chair Shawn Fitzgibbons

Barrett’s proposal draws on the success story of British Columbia, the Canadian province whose right-of-center party instituted revenue-neutral carbon pricing in 2008.  “Emissions are down, provincial GDP is up, and public opinion polls show high voter satisfaction.  That’s a win-win-win,” Barrett said.

Carbon fees mean higher prices initially to incorporate downstream environmental and health costs.  Higher prices motivate consumers to cut back when they can.  Later, in an approach perfected by British Columbia, fee proceeds are sent back in equal shares to individuals and businesses.  If a family conserves, it can collect more in rebates than it pays in fees.  Because all money is returned, the bill does not put an unfair burden on the poor or on small business.

In addition to lowering pollution, carbon fees in energy-importing states like Massachusetts mean less money goes to supporting jobs in fossil fuel-producing places like North Dakota, Oklahoma, and the Middle East.  But the decline in out-of-state expenditures keeps more money in Massachusetts, where it’s eventually spent, creating jobs here -- 4,000 - 10,000 of them, according to a recent analysis.  “The carbon fee-and-rebate approach is job-positive,” Barrett said.

Barrett added that the work of community groups such as the Newton Democratic City Committee is crucial to the bill’s success.  “Tip of the hat to community leaders,” Barrett said.  He added that a revenue-neutral approach has much to offer conservatives, too.  The proposal isn’t about growing the size of government.  It doesn’t involve direct regulation.  “This is an idea that should appeal not only to Democrats but to Republicans and Independents.”

Barrett’s bill, S.1747, “An Act Combating Climate Change”, has picked up 43 co-sponsors, more than 20% of the Massachusetts Legislature.



POSTPONED UNTIL TUE JUNE 30: vigil for South Carolina victims

This vigiil has been postponed until next Tuesday at 6:00 pm at Newton City Hall:

Dear Friend,

Please join me, faith leaders, and the Newton community at a vigil for the people of Charleston, South Carolina on the steps outside the Newton City Hall War Memorial at 1000 Commonwealth Avenue at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 23rd. 


Trans Signature  

Setti D. Warren


City of Newton, MA


Newton Dems endorse carbon taxation in Massachusetts

Following a fantastic presentation by State Senator Michael Barrett of Lexington, The Newton Democratic City Committee voted to endorse legislation that would establish a revenue-neutral carbon tax in Massachusetts:

"We, the Newton Democratic City Committee, urge the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to pass legislation that fights global warming by placing charges on the carbon content of fossil fuels and returns the money to residents and employers.  Specifically, we commend State Sen. Mike Barrett (D-Lexington) for drafting and submitting, “An Act combating climate change.”  We strongly encourage our State Senators and Representatives, and our Governor, to make carbon pricing the law of our state."

Your next steps:

  • Write a letter to the editor in support of this initiative.
  • Do you work in a small business? Urge them to get behind this revenue-neutral effort.
  • Listen to this WBUR story and share it with your friends.